Self-portrait sessions are one of the best ways to gain additional confidence. As we age, we can feel lost in the process, but it's bittersweet to be able to age. Take the time to take pictures that can be passed on or new pictures for your social media feed. 


For each couple, I offer a pre-session consultation, focusing on the couple's needs. Love is to be felt and seen. I create pictures to keep them near even if they are far. I enjoy learning about each love story.


Without moms and the beauty of creation, everything would not exist. It's such intimate moments when a baby is carried and cared for as an extension of love. I offer accommodations needed for each mother-to-be. 


Infants have a special place in my heart since I started taking pictures as a new passion with my beautiful baby nieces. Children have such short stages where one day, they are learning to crawl, to the next, they are asking about where they came from. 

Make sure to have someone who holds your moments as unique as you do.